My Dental Amalgam Mercury Poisoning Story

21 Jul

My long battle with mercury poisoning began my sophomore year of high school, shortly after I had 3 “silver” fillings placed. It wasn’t until I was almost 24 that I would learn these fillings are composed of 50-70% mercury. The first noticeable symptom was fatigue and hypoglycemia. After school I would take long naps. My aunt, with whom I lived, remarked on my lack of energy. People thought I was lazy. If I didn’t eat regularly, I became faint, irritable, and would sometimes cry.

I went to the ophthalmologist because I had “floaties” in my line of vision. They looked like little bugs flying around. He said it was probably just protein floating around. Smells would give me headaches, and I began to gain weight. My left oblique would involuntarily contract, like a twitch.

By my freshman year of college, life was bordering on terrible. Mentally, I was a wreck. Physically, I was exhausted. My hair had become brittle and dry, and grew much slower than that of my sister. I often fell asleep in class, and one friend remarked that he couldn’t invite me over to watch movies because I would fall asleep instantly. I was so excited for college with the parties and insight that it promised, but little by little, I became more of a hermit.

I had learned how to control my weight by eating less, but it seemed like had to  I eat way less than others my age in order to maintain my weight. I spent most of my time thinking about suicide and death. It felt like there was an outside source, like a drug, causing me to feel this way. I could rationalize that everything was okay, but no matter what I did, the thoughts would creep back in. I became angry, sometimes having uncontrollable outbursts. I began to cut myself on occasion to release the tension.

Sophomore year of college, I started counseling. It helped me a lot, though never even hinted that the root cause of my depression/anxiety/mania could be due to toxicity. I felt to blame for everything, I excessively apologized for any perceived wrong, and developed a persecution complex. When I acted irrational, I would beat myself up for days.

I was unable to wear sunglasses or headphones because it interfered with my equilibrium. I would become dizzy and sometimes walk into traffic. I bought an iPod, but I couldn’t listen to it because I became very sensitive to sounds. They would kick start my anxiety. I also lost a good portion of my hearing, to the point that I would need to look at people’s lips when they were talking. My ears would ring frequently. I couldn’t understand it. I told a friend once that I hadn’t been to many concerts so it didn’t make sense why I had such hearing impairment. The voice of the person’s to whom I was talking would blend in with background noise. I didn’t receive my driver’s license because I felt like I was in a padded cell that was hindering my senses. I knew I would get in an accident. I felt like such an outsider because no one could tell me what was wrong.

As it was, I would already weave as I walked down the sidewalk. My knees would buckle. I stayed up all night, totally unable to regulate my sleep schedule. People said I was a night owl, and that was the cause of my problems. I didn’t want to be a night owl, I wanted to be normal, so I tried desperately to fix my sleep schedule to no avail. I thought that I was a narcoleptic since I would experience sleep paralysis often, and slept as often as I could, even in strange places. I went to a sleep clinic and they refused to see me, saying I was depressed and just needed to go to bed earlier. I felt guilty for things I couldn’t control.

I would sometimes experience days of mania, where I felt like I was high, in love with the world, and overflowing with impulsivity and creativity. I would send letters of appreciation to people, read poetry, and stay up all night.

I got a job in fast food, but had to quit after a month because of the fatigue. I had lost the feeling in my left big toe, save for a tingling “pins and needles” sensation. My co-worker told me it was because I wasn’t used to standing up and that it would go away.

I spent a year in France while I was in college, and the universities were on strike. That meant that very little time was spent in school. So when I returned, I thought I had just lost my work ethic and that is why I had such difficulty concentrating. When I got back, I went to New York City for a nanny job with a French family.

I continued counseling, and participated in clinical trials. A psychiatrist from Columbia University said my symptoms were consistent with Borderline Personality Disorder. Before I could finish the trial, I was fired because of my fatigue and recluse nature. “You don’t interact with us. A 23 year-old does not sleep all day,” my boss told me.  So she flew me back to Portland.

The counselors I spoke with subsequently diagnosed me with Clinical Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. A Bi-polar diagnosis was also considered. I started going to a Social Anxiety Disorder support group, but somehow I felt different. I wasn’t shy! I was outgoing! I didn’t understand what was sucking  the life and gregariousness out of me. They prescribed me Prozac and Wellbutrin, which just served to make me feel even crazier. I supplemented with St. John’s Wort and 5-HTP but it didn’t make a dent in my melancholy.
I had developed a curved spine and poor posture. Doctors I visited brushed me off, saying I just needed to eat healthier, exercise more, and sit up straight.They claimed I was depressed. Maybe they were right, I thought, so I exercised as much as I could and I experimented with different diets– I had been a vegetarian since I was 11, so I tried veganism, raw foods, and the primal diet (which is primarily meat-based). Unfortunately, my improvements were minimal.

My immune system was so weak that I couldn’t go out in public without getting a cold. Sometimes I would catch three colds in a row. I developed bronchitis twice while I was in France and had an almost constant sore throat. I suffered from chronic sinusitis and excessive phlegm, coughing up sputum endlessly. I would sometimes have a cold for months. Despite following all the necessary hygienic rules, I came down with a urinary tract infection on average once every two months. Taking antibiotics was a certain recipe for a yeast infection, so I had them about as often as my UTIs. I was certain I had contracted HIV, but test results showed up negative.

Last year and early this year was the most difficult time of my life. I couldn’t stand up without my heart pounding and shortness of breath. Sometimes I would get short of breath getting out of bed in the morning, when I had the energy to get up. My skin was oily, blemished and I would sweat profusely from minimal physical exertion such as walking a block. I could wash my face and it would become oily an hour later. I would blot it with paper towels several times a day. My gums would bleed and my mouth had a constant metallic taste. Most days I would rock back and forth in bed upon waking up, another side effect of mercury poisoning.

I was hired as a barista where I was required to stand, but I would often find excuses to use the restroom or sit down in the inventory room. The pins and needles and numbness were now located in my right ring fingertip as well. My boss fired me because of all the mistakes I made due to my forgetfulness, as well as my social inadequacy.

The social anxiety I experienced was devastating. I spent most of my time in my room alone, afraid to go outside or to talk to anyone. Once a formerly extroverted person, I couldn’t answer the phone without feeling panicked. People would send me links to job offers on craigslist, but I knew I couldn’t apply. I was too afraid of people — I couldn’t even look people in the eye — and I spent most of my time in bed due to my weakness and lethargy. I stuttered, slurred my speech, and would lose my train of thought at least ten times a day. It was humiliating. I couldn’t maintain a conversation because my memory had gotten to the point where I couldn’t recall the context of the previous sentence, so I just pretended to follow.

I was so tired all the time, it felt like I was looking through a fishtank. Imagine staying up two nights in a row and trying to concentrate the next day. That is what it felt like no matter how much sleep I got. My peripheral vision started to narrow, so that anything on both sides of me was blurry. I couldn’t focus, so I began to be unable to read. I couldn’t fix my gaze. Even when I did try to read, I couldn’t retain the information, so I gave up. If I watched a film, I would forget what happened by the time it was over, so it was pointless. My grades suffered, but I did eventually graduate.

My fingernails had begun to curve and had strange lumps on them. My neck and back pain had gotten so bad  that I slept in the fetal position and would roll my neck back and forth over 30 times a day. The base of my skull was particularly painful. I had lost most of my friends, because I just couldn’t remember things well enough to have a meaningful conversation. I couldn’t remember the names of restaurants I liked, movies I’d watched, street names, dates, etc. My intellectual faculties were steadily declining. “How can it be,” I asked myself, “that the person chosen to represent my entire high school in the county spelling bee, is forgetting simple vocabulary?” Naturally, I blamed myself. I told people I felt like a 20-something in the body of a 70 year-old.

Mind you, I was still depressed, but it had intensified into full-blown suicidality. I decided one day that I was going to take my own life, and had settled on a method. I couldn’t live my life like this, and it seemed like the only hope. The sentence “I want to die” played in my head over and over throughout the day for years. I couldn’t turn it off, even when I was having a good time. At this point, I couldn’t live with the misery my chronic, degenerative illness was inflicting on me, so I didn’t argue with it anymore. My scalp felt like it was in a vise and my brain was on fire!

The day I made my decision, I received an e-mail from one of my mailing lists urging me to watch the documentary “The Beautiful Truth,” about the Gerson Therapy. The documentary detailed how mercury vapor is released from “silver” fillings and enters the body. Tearfully, I began scouring the internet for testimonials from people who were mercury poisoned from dental fillings, and they were multitudinous. Reading others’ experiences was like reading my own biography, the toxicity played out in their bodies in very much the same way. I was shocked and appalled that the ADA would let such a substance into our bodies. I spent the next several months immersed in study on this phenomenon, filled with sadness for others but also with hope that there was a cure to my illness. I called DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) and the man who answered told me he was glad I could still read somewhat, and that many of the people who call are so mercury toxic they cannot. He sent me information in the form of a packet as well as two copies of their newsletter “Dental Truth.” With the financial help of a friend, I was able to visit a holistic dentist in the Portland area to have the silver amalgams removed and replaced with composite, taking precautionary measures in order to minimalize the exposure to more mercury vapor.

The effects were immediate. For the first time in years I could sit up straight without pain! My neck and back pain had literally disappeared instantly. While I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, about to leave my appointment, the song Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass came on. I had known the verse when I was a child, but had long since forgotten it due to my encroaching dementia. The lyrics started pouring in, and I was mouthing the words under my breath. I stopped myself and realized how huge this was. Since that day, almost all my symptoms have disappeared. My skin and hair instantly improved. I can wash my face once a day now without it become oily at the end of the day.

I have residual fatigue, which I expect will last until I can chelate completely and address nutritional deficiencies caused by the mercury, but I am nonetheless functional and energetic. One of my best friends often notes my changes. The other day he said, “you haven’t asked me ‘what?’ since you got your fillings removed, and you answer my phone calls!” I am social, happy, and on my way to good health. It’s been nothing short of miraculous. My mood has stabilized, my memory is improving, my sinusitis cleared up, the “brain fog” is disappearing, and I haven’t caught a cold in months! I learned that Andy Cutler, a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton, reversed his amalgam filling-induced mercury toxicity by dosing himself with DMSA (a drug developed for acute mercury chelation) using a specific protocol based on the half-life of the drug. I intend to follow Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol detailed in his book “Amalgam Illness” in order to remove the mercury still lodged in my tissues.

I hope that my story can help someone in the same way that I was helped by others’ stories. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to those who are working to ban this practice. Do not hestitate to contact me regarding this information.

Progress Report:

It’s been two years, and I’ve been chelating using low-dose oral DMPS purchased as a research chemical for $15/gram for about five months now. I couldn’t tolerate DMSA or ALA so I waited until I could find DMPS without a prescription. I honestly believe a lot of the people who recover are the ones who use DMPS. I take it every 3 hours round-the-clock to prevent any mercury symptoms from catching up to me.

I’m making improvements every day. My memory is so much better (it’s almost normal, and it’s better than my boyfriend’s memory) and my IQ has improved notably. I still have chronic fatigue (mostly while I’m “on round”) and residual anhedonia, but I am not suicidal and I do not feel mentally ill anymore. I would say you could describe it as having some cognitive deficits and certain foods trigger irritability. I never cry anymore and my menstrual periods are really normal. I don’t get colds, flus, or infections…except for maybe once a year. I still heal rather slowly. My speech impediments are gone, and so is my hesitation regarding what I want to say. My speech is really fluid. I still have some social anxiety (or maybe social apathy?)

I’m not cold all the time, which was a symptom of hypothyroid. My bones no longer creak.

I usually go to bed around 11pm-midnight and wake up at 9am naturally. I’d say that’s reasonably normal.

I no longer have sore throats, my metabolism has increased where I don’t gain weight so easily, and my tic that occurs in my abdomen only occurs when I’m “on round.”

I don’t have panic attacks (still). I can listen to music without having sound sensitivity. It’s rare that I choose to listen to music though, but it’s getting better.

I’m still working with food allergies and crashing after eating.

I can be around chemicals without getting dizzy or getting headaches. Of course, I don’t choose to be around the chemicals if I don’t have to be!

I read voraciously, and my focus is back with a vengeance. I read almost all day long if I have the choice. It’s still difficult to read really dense material, which is disappointing to me.

My skin gets icky while I’m detoxing, but it’s pretty calm when I’m not. My creativity is coming back, but the motivation to be creative hasn’t yet returned. I get a lot of ideas, but don’t act on them as much as I used to.

I’m starting a new career.

I’ve got a long way to go, especially with the fatigue, but I think this is the way to go and I’m confident that I’ll recover if I stick with it.

If you wonder whether you should have your amalgams removed, my answer is a resounding YES. Please join the Yahoo group frequent-dose-chelation if you are curious about how to proceed safely with amalgam removal and chelation. They were invaluable in my recovery.

Thank you to everyone who commented. I appreciate your support and I wish you all a quick recovery from this dreadful poison. Know this: there is hope.


13 Responses to “My Dental Amalgam Mercury Poisoning Story”

  1. Carole July 22, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    I am so sorry you experienced that nightmare.

  2. Sarah January 31, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    Basically like reading my story. I start Cutlers protocol next month. Good luck with everything. 🙂

  3. James May 10, 2011 at 4:04 pm #


    I was just wondering how the chelation is going?

    I’m from the UK and looking for a suitable method of chelation to help me with my symptoms. I had a metal filling removed, but at the time I was ignorant of the dangers and it was not removed safely. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  4. John June 1, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    “I went to the ophthalmologist because I had “floaties” in my line of vision. They looked like little bugs flying around. He said it was probably just protein floating around”

    *THANKYOU*. I already ‘knew’ that this was due to mercury intoxication in my own case (specifically, I suspect this symptom may be related to mercury in my liver, though it may, of course, be neurological in origin).

    Either way, you are the FIRST person to specifically remark upon this symptom 100% IDENTICALLY to my own situation, AND you consider it mercury-related, just as I do.

    Good luck with the blog and with chelation if it’s still ongoing for you.

  5. Back in the game October 31, 2011 at 1:12 am #

    Hey thanks for sharing your story it sounds similar to my own. I have one amalgam filling and literally realized today that it has been causing me problems for some time. I have been to the er three times, had candida symptoms and trouble maintaining weight and muscle though I was a fit athlete. I a 24 year old guy and over the last two years or so have struggled generally and felt many differen odd symptoms all the while I kept saying something just didn’t feel right. I looked in my mouth and saw a worn black filling and it just made sense. Hope all is well , mike

  6. Finally March 2, 2012 at 5:22 am #

    Hi, very happy to read this because of it’s happy ending. I can really identify with so much of what you have written. Pretty sure I have had fillings since my early teens, but when I was 26, I got a few in one go. Around this time I also quit smoking, and to stave off the nicotene jones, I would chew gum violently, pretty much all day ( right over the fillings). Around this time I also developed serious bruxism. Shortly after this, I developed serious panic attacks, Serious pain in the muscles of my face and neck, extreme mental fog, serious mood swings,serious fatigue. I became much more easily injured ( in the space of a year I partially tore my achilles tendon, pulled my shoulder, developed problems with my knees, pulled muscles… so all stuff related to ligamensta nd muscles ). The physical stuff has gotten better, but th emental fog and mood issues are driving me nuts. It seems I am either completley blank-minded, or in a terrible mood (obssessive thoughts, serious anger and resentments, anxiety, feelings of absolute dread that appear and dissappear randomly)… but what is bothering me most is how much effprt it takes to do simple things, and how taxing on my mind it is to do simple things (simply writing this seems like lifting 500 pounds)… and I used to be pretty smart ( 1300 Sat score, graduated first in my class in high school etc etc )… my hands tremble a bit no matter how relaxed I am, when I read my eyes seem to drift apart and I get double vision unless I exert effort to uncross them, My sleep is completley messed up, I can sleep 10 hours and wake up feeling like someone poured a gallon of vodka down my throat the night before and beat the hell out of me… and my sleep schedule is WAY off… the only tim eof the day when I seem to feel like I have any energy is from 12AM -4PM, nd then I can’t really sleep well.
    And strangest of all is that at least once a month I will feel TERRIBLE… my body will feel hot and cold at the same time, sort of a flu like feeling ( skin crawls a bit) , I’m a bit unsteady and whn I walk through door ways I’m off by a few inches ( hitting my shoulder on the door frame etc) a greater degree of brain fog, and I get a metallic taste in my mouth!

    I’m so damn sick of this, the past years should have been great years, but how can they be when I feel like crap all the time.

    But I’m just happy to finally realize what the problem is

  7. Going to get better May 9, 2012 at 12:45 am #

    How can I reach you? What can we do to stop dentists from poisoning people? I have not started treatment yet but would like to talk to someone who has been through it. The sickness is ROUGH! I am sooo ready to get better.

  8. alexpmiller July 6, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

    Touche! I have just read my own story. I wonder if you have residual symptoms

  9. Nathan Crary July 12, 2012 at 1:12 am #

    Hi, I just read your story, sounds like you have been through hell. I know the feeling – I’m currently on round 17 of the A.C. protocol. I’m interested in seeing where you are know with the detox and what worked or didn’t for you. Hope all is well in good health 🙂

  10. Cheryle July 24, 2012 at 2:09 am #

    I am 57 year old female and have the same problem. I haven’t been able to get the money up to go to a DAMS referred dentist yet. My hearing is pretty bad in my left ear and going out. If I don’t find the money soon, I fear I will die. I have all the same symptoms, and then some more. Thanks for writing your story. It gives me hope.

  11. jazzedjeff August 27, 2012 at 4:59 am #

    Wow I can really relate to your story there! I’ve only just come across all this mercury stuff after suffering for way tooooooooooo long…. I can so relate to the depression, anxiety, social phobia stuff and oh yeh the sleeping during the day and not at night…. I also have a major problem with sulfur foods/sulfites which is what originally found the mercury thing on the net. I hope to have a good recovery story soon!!
    Take Care, and thanks for your story… you not alone!!! et moi aussi j’étais en france mais moi pour trois ans 😉

  12. angela8675309 August 27, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear that you went through this and unfortunately I CAN RELATE! I had 8 amalgams and one of them was huge – almost the size of the entire tooth, and it wasn’t a small tooth either! I almost want to cry knowing that someone out there went through a similar experience to mine. I lost my friends (not answering phone calls, that is so just like what I did) and alienated my family because they thought I was crazy and had mental problems. I usually made a few more along the way, but many of these friendships didn’t last because who wants to hang out when your sick and depressed and broke (I lost jobs because of fatigue and bad memory and concentration problems as well.

    I can’t believe someone can actually relate to the slurred speech and not remembering what anyone was talking about. In my case, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold down a job (and I’m a single mom with 2 children and a NON helping father, nice huh) because I couldn’t take orders; I couldn’t follow most conversations. Sometimes I would immediately forget the context of the conversation and sometimes I just couldn’t even comprehend normal conversation.

    I had secondary parasitic infections as well which slowed me down to a screeching halt. I really couldn’t work but didn’t know why and subsequently was kicked out of the place I was staying at “Because I should at least be working a part time job so I’m not so broke all the time”. I couldn’t believe it, I was literally falling from room to room sometimes because of the disorientation and I tried to explain it to my roommate but she just mocked me “You and your mercury!” after I mentioned it a grand total of 2 times hoping for some understanding.

    I hoped family would be more understanding and although they were somewhat caring, they were definitely not understanding. I ended up living with my father who now thinks I’m a nutso conspiracy theorist and doesn’t care for me too much it seems. He tells these stories to my family of all my “crazy” ideas, like that mercury in fillings can kill you, etc. etc. It almost did kill me and I try to remember to count my blessings every day that I am still alive and able to still be here on earth with my children.

    I started to get fatigued in my mid twenties, and from there to around 31 when I finally had enough money to get half of them out, it had only progressed to worse symptoms. I started falling all the time everyday all around the house completely unconsciously. I was falling from room to room just as my way of getting from one room to the next. My self esteem was negative zero and I was ashamed to call any old friends I just felt so horrible about myself for no known reason (although I know now). The absolute worst happened all of the sudden when I was 31 and already falling everywhere all the time; I started slamming myself into the walls! Literally ramming myself into them on purpose and yet at the same time completely unconsciously.

    Here I was slamming into walls and mumbling nonsensical yammerings about nothing like a crazy lady again all completely out of my control. The anger was unreal (my family hates me because of this one) and I literally was drooling and clasping onto things because I was afraid of the anger. I would talk to myself and pace all day long when I wasn’t falling everywhere. The talks would always be about something I was angry about (usually my father).

    I couldn’t get over little things either and that’s another reason that I didn’t socialize because I couldn’t handle any more negative emotions in myself; I was already on edge all the time. So now my father mocks me and makes fun of me for “having no friends”. Well he’s a hypocrite, nobody hardly ever comes over to the house for him at all.

    One last thing before I go; I used to be briefly involved in a company called Waiora and they sell a product called Natural Cellular Defense that will absolutely get the mercury out of your body quickly and safely and I cannot possibly do it enough justice on here really. I don’t sell it, I’m not a good salesperson I don’t think. But look it up, it might just save your life like it did mine!

  13. em September 14, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    hi can you tell me more about this,im defo toxic,,,,,need advice

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